Key Learning Areas

The school’s curriculum offers a balance of academic, cultural, sporting and social learning.  We consider that it is important for children to engage in quality teaching and learning programs that prepare them for further education in High School and later life.  Emphasis is placed on assisting students to realise their potential through providing targeted, successful learning experiences, fostering positive attitudes and developing self-esteem.

Students are regularly assessed as to their stage of development and provided with suitable learning experiences, catering for individual needs and various learning styles.

The curriculum covers six key learning areas:

  • English (Reading, Writing, Talking & Listening)
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology
  • Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE)
  • Creative Arts (Music, Visual Arts, Dance, Drama)
  • Personal Development, Health, Physical Education (PDHPE)


English is the key learning area where students develop knowledge, skills and understanding about English language and literature. English also has a wider role as a means of learning in all key learning areas.


Mathematics involves students in analysing and solving problems in the areas of space, measurement and number. It involves the study of patterns and relationships and provides a means of communication.

Science and Technology

Science and Technology provides opportunities for students to learn about natural and made environments by engaging in scientific and technological activity. Science and Technology involves students in investigating, designing and making, and using technology.

Human Society and Its Environment

This area deals with the interactions of people with one another and with the social, cultural and physical environments as they attempt to meet their needs.

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

The Personal Development, Health and Physical Education key learning area helps students develop self esteem, social responsibility, personal fitness and the ability to make informed decisions about health and lifestyle.

Creative and Practical Arts

The Creative and Practical Arts key learning area includes the art forms of dance, drama, visual arts and music. Learning in these art forms provide opportunities for students to develop their abilities to make works and appraise their own works and the works of others.

Each key learning area is divided into stages of development.

These are:

Early Stage 1 Kindergarten
Stage 1 Years 1 and 2
Stage 2 Years 3 and 4
Stage 3 Years 5 and 6