2018 Staff

Principal- Ms Maria Dichiera



Mrs R McVicar (Team Leader) AP 

KT- Mrs A Timpoc

KS-Mrs S Roy

K/1R- Mrs R Naidoo


Stage 1

1K-Mrs I Kraljevic (Team Leader) REL AP 

1/2S- Mrs T Strudwick

2H- Ms M Haroun

2J- Miss A James


Stage 2

3/4R- Mrs K Russell (Team Leader) AP

 – Mrs A Fathers

3/4K- Miss K Ryan

3/4I- Miss J Ibrahim


Stage 3

5/6K- Mrs E Krause (Team Leader) REL AP 

4/5M- Mr D Maric

5/6D- Mr E Daglis


Additional Staff

SAM- Mrs S Lewis

SAO- Mrs G Currey

SAO/CEO- Mrs J McGaughey


Librarian- Ms A Porter

LAST- Mrs R McVicar

LAST- Mrs J Garland

EAL/D- Mrs E Herman

RFF- Ms S Hong, Mrs E Ball, Mrs E Ibrahim

SLSO / Librarian Assistant- Mrs M Metcalfe

SLSO- Mrs A Portelli


GA- Mr G Fuller

Cleaners- Mrs S Alavanja and Mrs S Falzon

Specialist Staff

William Dean Public School has a team of talented, dedicated and enthusiastic teachers. In addition to classroom teachers, the school offers specialist teachers who provide further programs to enhance student learning.

EAL/D – Being able to use and understand more than one language is an advantage. If your child does not speak English, we have a specialist teacher at school to help your child learn the English language. We encourage families who are from non-English speaking backgrounds to continue using their native language with their child.

Librarian – The Teacher Librarian is responsible for teaching information and research skills as well as developing student awareness of literature. They are responsible for maintaining the school’s collection of children’s literature, teaching resources, computer software as well as facilitating borrowing from the Library.

Student Learning Support Officer  (SLSO) – assists in the implementation of individual educational programs and support for students

Our qualified office Staff- We have a one School Administrative Manager and one School Administrative Officer who are supported by our General Assistant.